Some of the recent rumors have been pointing towards Samsung announcing the Galaxy S5 during Mobile World Congress. That show is scheduled to take place towards the end of February, however it is looking more like the Galaxy S5 announcement may not be happening until sometime in the month following. These latest details come by way of ZDNet Korea who are reporting based on the word of an unnamed “senior official” from within Samsung.

The report mentions how Samsung is looking at Mobile World Congress as more of a way to show off existing products. To that point, that senior official said the main purpose of MWC is more similar to a business meeting. That same official also went on to mention how the timing just isn’t right for the Galaxy S5 to be announced in Barcelona. Instead, it is looking like Samsung will have another special event in March.

That special event is expected to take place in New York, which would be similar to what we saw let year. Alternatively, another potential location for the March special event would be London. Or quite possible, Samsung could move forward with an event that takes place in both locations at the same time.

Time will tell how this all plays out, but for now, it is looking like the Galaxy S5 will be announced at a private event. As opposed to Mobile World Congress. Aside from some of the recent rumors, that isn’t really much of a surprise as we have been seeing Samsung hold special events more and more often these days. Not to mention, we are fairly certain many in the tech crowd will be able to remember the interesting Unpacked event Samsung had for the Galaxy S4.

VIA: G4Games