Coming in with a bit less than 12 hours before the official announcement, we are getting a look at a few of the features that are expected to arrive with the Galaxy S4. This latest round includes three videos — the first shows Smart Pause, the second shows Floating Touch and the third is offering a look at the new lock screen setup. The videos are all on the shorter side with the longest measuring in at just over a minute.

That said, if you have been following along with all the previous Galaxy S4 hype, these should be considered required viewing. Up first is Smart Pause and aside from a little bit of chatter (not in English) at the beginning, it offers a fairly good look at how this will work. The concept is pretty simple, start playing a video and then turn your face away and the video will pause.

Next up is the Floating Touch demo. This one again is fairly simple and more or less, just as the name would imply. The example used in the video are images. The video shows the user opening the gallery to see a thumbnail of all the included images. From here the Floating Touch comes into play when he hovers his finger above the display and gets a larger look at the image.

Last video for this post covers the new lock screen. This also happens to be the shortest of the three videos measuring in at just 23 seconds in length. This one does not go into much depth, but does look like some changes have been made. Notably, the clock along with the date has been moved over to the left hand side and appears to be a bit smaller.

With that, while these videos are neat to see, they are really doing nothing more than dragging out the rumors. Basically, the official announcement is set for tonight and that is what we have our minds ready for at this moment. Lets shift away from the Galaxy S4 rumors and get some official details. And remember, the team here at Android Community will be ready to deliver the latest Samsung news for you.