Samsung is rumored to announce the Galaxy S4 at Mobile World Congress 2013 later this coming February. The S4 will most likely replace Samsung’s current flashship phone, the Galaxy S III. Our friends at SlashGear have word that the rumored phone will see a global launch in March 2013.

It’s said that the new S4 will have a larger 5-inch OLED display, as well as a better camera than the S III. Under the hood, it’s rumored to have one of Samsung’s Exynos quad-core processers and 4G LTE. However, no major cosmetic changes are planned for the new device.

The rumor comes right after the announcement of Apple’s iPhone 5, a phone that has garnered a lot of attention recently. Samsung has said it wants to continue its one-year product cycle, but the S4 will be just a tad quicker on that, since it’s rumored to release just nine months after the S III. This will be roughly in the middle of Apple’s update cycle, so it makes sense that Samsung wants to let the hype of the iPhone 5 die a down a little before playing its cards.

Overall, it’ll be interesting to see how well the Galaxy S4 does in the midst of the iPhone 5. Samsung has already sold 20 million Galaxy S III units in a matter of three months, and the holiday season is yet upon us. We’ll have to wait and see what fun stuff Samsung pulls out of its hat come February at Mobile World Congress.


  1. Personally, I think it’s a bit unnecessary. Of course, we know next to nothing about this phone, but I really can’t imagine it’ll be enough of an improvement over the S3 to make me feel bad about my 3 month old phone. Now, the Galaxy S5 may be a different matter entirely….

    • Well we won’t see an announcement until end of February during MWC, then it will launch internationally, and then eventually in the US by like April.

      I see your point about the S III already being so awesome, but yea.. I want the IV

  2. One thing about the possibility of upgrading to the S4 on release, is the current S3 users, probably won’t. I know I won’t be upgrading upon release. I just got my S3 a week ago. Most anyone who got the S3, are locked into a 2 year contract. So to upgrade to the S4 in a handful of months, would mean paying $600+ for it. No thanks. I LOVE my S3 and I’m pretty sure I will be for the next 2 years.

    • If you are smart you go with a 1yr contract instead of a 2 year.
      That way the S3 only costs $150 and you still can get the S4 when it comes out. Only do contract upgrades, never do 2yr brand new contracts that’s just not a good idea because you know the rate of technology moves (Moore’s Law)

  3. I’m with you guys, I have the S3 and there’s no way I could justify purchasing a new phone that soon. I also think the line has to be drawn eventually on screen size. I mean what will separate it from the note line? The 4.8″ that I have now is plenty so unless they shrink the bezel even more, I’m not looking for a phone any larger than the S3. I like having the Nexus 7 to turn to if/when I need a little more real estate

  4. I just got both of my GS3’s, a month ago. And, I think that if Samsung wants to release something new, every few months, that they might be well advised to turn their concentrations in the direction of a total US Jelly Bean release.

    I mean, why would they be thinking about releasing something new, when they haven’t finished with the most successful release (SGS3) in cellular history?

    And, since most SGS3ers have only recently gotten their handsets, why would Samsung think that we’re all going to ignore our 2 year contracts; and pay retail for something else; and then, 5 or 6 months after that, release something new – AGAIN????

    OR, do ya think that just maybe that this might be a market-share attempt to keep less than savvy cellular people from thinking about a switch to the new (P.O.S.) I-Phone?
    I believe that the powers that be, at Samsung might actually read all of our blogs; and just not comment.

    IF that’s the case, Samsung, you should be more considerate of your customers; because as good as you are (and you are), there are other cellular companies out here, who have perhaps a little more compassion for their customers.
    Have a GREAT day.

  5. I love my Galaxy S3 it’s simply the BEST smartphone on the market without question. I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 2 on day on of launch as well on t-mobile. The comination of both will hold me over well into 2013 unless the Galaxy Note 3 has something that is totally compelling come next November 2013.I will pass on the Galaxy S4 in March of 2013 since I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 2 come November 2012.

  6. a lot of you s3 users on 2 year contracts are also forgetting the s2 owners who are nearing the end of their 2 years or more contracts, so samsung are taking those customers into account and trying to also keep them instead of them running off to new pastures. In the world of business, and especially the forever expanding mobile phone world, 3 months is a very long time.

  7. Samsung would never release it so early,they want to block the iPhones thunder and capture the attention and the only way to do that is to be released very close to the next iphone5s,the hype will take eyes off of apple and the release will then interference with apple directly,once people see the s4 compared to the degrading iPhone,Samsung will capture them. Release too early, and by the time iPhone is released,the hype will be gone(relapse of the gs2) release to last and those who are waiting will give up and go for the current phone king. The s3 was released around the June July time frame and made a hit on apple sales,the phone wasn’t released too early to be old and have no more attention,or too late to piss loyal customers off or lose the crowds interest.also in terms of performance,it will be ALOT over the s3,they are now using DDR3 dram instead of DDr2,which is clocked at much higher frequency,and will use less juice since its DDR3,will most likely feature the exynos 5450 CPU clocked at 1.7-2.0 ghz, which is a quad core btw, no more snap dragon since they now have a working late radio on the exynos CPU,we will probably see 2gb of ram,possibly 2.5 but I doubt it, and maybe new storage options?(32,64,128 GB options) will most likely have a 5inch screen,but same or smaller form factor as the s3,bigger battery to power bigger screen,deffineatly a 13 map camera since it looks like thats becoming the new standard, the hardware specs are obvious ,the thing u gotta question is the design,and the software.

  8. blah. i don’t need a larger screen. I want my phone to be able to fit in my pocket. just increase performance and features. leave the screen size alone!


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