Samsung is rumored to announce the Galaxy S4 at Mobile World Congress 2013 later this coming February. The S4 will most likely replace Samsung’s current flashship phone, the Galaxy S III. Our friends at SlashGear have word that the rumored phone will see a global launch in March 2013.

It’s said that the new S4 will have a larger 5-inch OLED display, as well as a better camera than the S III. Under the hood, it’s rumored to have one of Samsung’s Exynos quad-core processers and 4G LTE. However, no major cosmetic changes are planned for the new device.

The rumor comes right after the announcement of Apple’s iPhone 5, a phone that has garnered a lot of attention recently. Samsung has said it wants to continue its one-year product cycle, but the S4 will be just a tad quicker on that, since it’s rumored to release just nine months after the S III. This will be roughly in the middle of Apple’s update cycle, so it makes sense that Samsung wants to let the hype of the iPhone 5 die a down a little before playing its cards.

Overall, it’ll be interesting to see how well the Galaxy S4 does in the midst of the iPhone 5. Samsung has already sold 20 million Galaxy S III units in a matter of three months, and the holiday season is yet upon us. We’ll have to wait and see what fun stuff Samsung pulls out of its hat come February at Mobile World Congress.