We are still expecting Samsung to announce the Galaxy S4 later this evening, however it looks like at least one US carrier has gotten a bit of a head start. That carrier is Ting, an MVNO, and they have said that the Galaxy S4 is inbound. Well, actually they have said that they will be “able to offer the follow up to the Samsung Galaxy S3 which we’ll call the Samsung Galaxy S4.”

The key part here, as sometimes we watch the smaller MVNO carriers having to wait for a new release, Ting has said that they will have the Galaxy S4 available “at around the same time as the major carriers.” Nicely done in that respect. Otherwise, the carrier has also said that the HTC One is coming.

The timeline for the release of the HTC One is still up in the air, however it looks like a pre-order page should be available within the next few weeks time. The handset should then begin shipping a few weeks past that. In other words, the HTC One is coming to Ting, however it looks like availability is still a month or two away.

Otherwise, some of the other additions that will be available for Ting customers include the Galaxy S III Mini and an LTE hotspot. The Galaxy S III Mini is expected to arrive around the time of the Galaxy S4 launch and the hotspot should be available for pre-order within six weeks. All said and done, it looks like Ting has some great additions in the pipeline. Those not familiar with Ting should know that they are a contract-free carrier and that they use the Sprint network.

[via Ting Blog]