Samsung Galaxy S4 users, as well as those with a Note 2 or S3, will be happy to hear they’re getting the Android 4.3 update very soon. According to a release schedule, the handsets will get the update by the end of the month for all carriers, which will bring Galaxy Gear functionality as well.

When the Galaxy Gear launched with the Note 3, one of the major knocks was the limited functionality with a parent device. This update, aside from having all the 4.3 goodness, will also make the Gear a bit more attractive to those with older devices who still want to give it a whirl. Though we can’t say it’s terribly useful at this juncture, hopefully a broader lineup of devices to pair it with will help.

Verizon and Sprint will be first to get the updates, with handsets starting to receive them in the first week of November. In the case of the Galaxy S4 for Verizon, the update will start rolling out on Monday! T-Mobile will be last to update, but will still have their Samsung handsets on Android 4.3 by the beginning of December.

As we stare Android 4.4 in the eye, the update will be welcome, but ultimately leave handsets behind in the update cycle. While we don’t quite know what Android 4.4 will bring, rumors and leaks provide a look at much improved aesthetics and other useful tweaks, so Samsung fans may once again be clamoring for an update by the time December rolls around.