Samsung Galaxy S22 Pricing

Samsung is set to introduce new smartphones in 2022. The year will begin for the South Korean tech giant with the Fan Edition. It is expected to be a silent launch before the premium flagship Galaxy S22 trio is announced. That one would be a big launch as with most Unpacked events. The Fan Edition is highly anticipated especially after a series of delays, postponements, and cancellations. And now, it’s almost set. It will be a more affordable offering but with almost the same premium specs used on the Galaxy S21.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is expected to be a bestseller because of the price and specs. We’re not sure though how fast the new one will sell because it will be released in the market just a month before the Galaxy S22. It can be a good alternative to those who have been wanting to get the Galaxy S21.

The Galaxy S22 series may still be expensive. That’s common for a premium flagship offering from the top mobile OEM. The new phones won’t be priced higher especially the vanilla Galaxy S22. Samsung may be more inclined to keep the pricing down.

The Galaxy S22 could begin at $800. If that is the case, then the Galaxy S21 FE’s price may even be lower. Maybe $200 to $300 lower? Now that will be really attractive.

If Samsung wants to sell more phones, the company needs to keep the price down. It plans on selling 14 million Galaxy S22 units. That is possible only if the price is right. With almost the same specs, you can get an Android phone with much lower cost from Chinese OEMs.


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