Samsung Galaxy S21 AI Photography Features

Samsung’s latest premium flagship series, the Galaxy S21, was once promised to have a more advanced camera system. We have high expectations about the Galaxy S21 Ultra especially although we haven’t done any comprehensive review and analysis yet. We just know about the battery drain issue, low repairability score, and that the phones can survive most durability tests. The South Korean tech giant estimates shipment may only reach 26 million. We said the series caters to two sides of the same consumer coin.

Samsung has made the Galaxy S21’s AI powers more sophisticated than ever. When it comes to imaging, high-specced hardware doesn’t always mean the best results. You can have the most number of megapixels but if the software is sub-par, it won’t matter.

The artificial intelligence on the Galaxy S21 improves a number of camera features like Single Take. This special feature lets you capture a memory with just one click–a single take. With AI processing, the phone’s camera can record several pictures and videos at one. The program then does post-processing edits on the videos and images.

Samsung AI for Single Take

The AI working on Single Take captures more of the scene. Hold the camera from five to 15 seconds so it can take videos. Within those 15 seconds, the software also captures ten photos per second so you can choose from them later on.

The AI does the processing of the captured images and videos to show the user the best photos and max of four video clips. AI does the analyzing itself and makes certain enhancements to the content. It’s AI so it’s “smart” and knows what to do automatically. It may apply AI filters or use Smart Crop to edit the photos. It knows if you’re taking a photo of a person so it will use Portrait mode.

The AI may use a Dynamic Slow-mo effect or Fast Forward (3x) for videos. The program analyzes the videos and knows what to do. The AI may also apply Scene Relighting, Highlight video, Reverse, and Boomerang.


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