For those who have been wondering how the Samsung Galaxy S21 line is doing in terms of sales, well apparently they’re doing well thank you very much. Well, if we’re speaking about sales in the U.S, that is. According to data from Strategy Analytics, the newest flagship line from Samsung has tripled the numbers they experienced with last year’s Galaxy S20 range, all during its first month of release. Probably one of the reasons for the good performance is that the Galaxy S21 series slashed their prices this time around sooner than the previous lines.

SAM Mobile shared that the report showed that the U.S market, which is still Samsung’s biggest market so far, has given the Korean OEM better than expected sales with the Galaxy S21 series. Well, not really surprising since this is their most affordable Android flagship in years, given that it is their first Galaxy S that will be sold without a charger and a headphones. Some say the $200 price difference from the previous flagship is worth losing that charger and headphones for.

But actually, as per the report, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the most expensive among the three flagship models accounts for more than 40% of the sales for the flagship line. That is good news for Samsung of course as they would want the device that can bring in more profit to be the highest selling one of course. And while most of Samsung’s competitors have been looking at other markets like China and India for sales, the U.S. is still a “key battleground” and Samsung seems to be winning.

While the figures show that the flagship line is strong, Samsung has also been putting a lot of effort in the Galaxy A series which they just recently launched. The mid-range line seems to have made massive improvements  to the previous versions with better screens and audio quality, newer software, upgraded cameras, etc. So this may also mean that the devices will do well for the mid-range market.

As to how long Samsung will be able to hold on to this momentum, that is of course the question. There are no rumors yet about what the Galaxy Note for later this year will bring but there are some murmurings it will be a foldable device. Let’s wait and see how it will all play out.


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