Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Tomorrow will be very special for hardcore Samsung fans. Even if you’re not part of the pack but as part of the Android community, you may be interested about the next-generation flagship from the South Korean tech giant. More often than not, Galaxy S phones become the benchmark for flagships released every year. This year, the Galaxy S21 series will be a bit different because one variant will offer S-Pen support. Samsung has promised to extend the Note experience to other Galaxy phones and we’ll know everything for sure very soon.

Samsung is almost set. From now and until the official announcement by the company, we can expect more details will still be leaked. It seems more people are getting their hands on the phones, or at least, are getting more information.

One of our regular sources, Roland Quandt (@rquandt), has posted photos of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series in different colors. We don’t have the list of all official colors or names but the images may be enough.

Galaxy S21 Custom Colors

The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G may be available in Black, Purple, Pink (or Rose Gold), and White. The Galaxy S21+ 5G may be out in Purple, Red, Pink (or Copper), and White. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G may be sold in Black, Brown, Blue (or Dark Grey), and White (or Silver).

Quandt said these are “custom colors” for the Galaxy S21. Based on the photos, you can see the Galaxy S21 5G and Galaxy S21+ 5G are basically the same by looking at the camera modules. The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is definitely bigger and will have a more complicated camera system.


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