It’s not surprising anymore that unlocked smartphones and tablets get their software updates ahead of other locked devices since they don’t have to deal with carriers. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series already got their June 2021 update but the carrier-locked ones had to wait a little longer. Well, at least until the first week of July. T-Mobile has started rolling out the update to their subscribers and to Sprint users as well that have the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The T-Mobile and Sprint Galaxy S21 devices have started getting firmware version G99xUSQU4AUF5 and this is a pretty important update especially if you use the camera a lot. If you’ve been noticing a lag in your camera lately, the update should be able to fix that. The lag when zooming in and out should be fixed when you get the update and you also get improvements to the Portrait mode on the camera app.

The June update also gives you the ability to scan QR codes that are already saved in your gallery. You’ll be able to do so through the built-in QR code scanner that can be found from the notification shade. There are also some overheating issues that users were complaining about and this should be able to fix that. However, some Galaxy S21 users that got the update already said that their phones were still a little too hot than usual.

As with monthly updates, this one comes with the June 2021 security patch as well, which is actually equally or even more important than the features and fixes. You should install the update if only for that. The next update will probably not be Android 12 just yet as we’re expecting that later this year but it looks like we’re getting closer to it. But of course, as mentioned, the carrier-locked ones will get that later than the unlocked ones.

To see if the update is already available, go to your phone’s settings then software update menu and then download and install. As always, don’t forget to back up your data before updating.