Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

By now, you have probably received your Samsung Galaxy S20 phone and are already enjoying the new features and premium specs. The South Korean tech giant’s latest flagship series is available in three variants: the regular Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The Ultra is obviously the most powerful among the three with the most premium features like the 108MP camera. It’s also bigger with a 6.9-inch screen compared to the 6.2- and 6.7-inch screens of the first two.

Samsung has recently released a firmware update for the Ultra variant. It is the first-ever from the company for the Galaxy S20 line. It’s been singled out because only the Galaxy S20 Ultra has the 108MP camera.

The update is set to enhance the camera quality of the smartphone as if it’s already not good enough. This release also delivers the March 2020 security patch. Such update will bring improved security and protection.

Specifically known as firmware G988NKSU1ATBR, this version is mainly for the Galaxy S20 Ultra model but other models can also load it. Those in South Korea can now receive and download the update. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra wherever you are in the world, expect to see a notification that an update is ready.

Make sure you have at least 418MB of free space on your Android phone. Other changes that will be delivered include a fix for the Auto-Flash of the camera. This is just the first firmware update. Expect more will roll out in the coming months as more people discover bugs and issues that are normal in most new phones.