Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Touchscreen Issue

We understand if a new phone has some issues but if it’s something that is similar to previous devices, we may start asking. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE was officially announced last month. It is basically the regular Galaxy S20 but now with a more accessible price. The phone is easy to repair according to a teardown. We know more people will buy this one because of the price. A lot of fans have purchased the device already but some have already experienced issues on the touchscreen display.

Some units of Galaxy S20 FE have touchscreen issues. A thread on Reddit lists several reports that actually vary. Some are saying there was a lack of response whether a swipe or a tap. Others have reported inputs that didn’t come from them.

Our source got to experience a touchscreen issue personally. His phone turns on the pocket mode even when being hold in a normal position or in use. There is no information on how many users have experienced the problems but they don’t seem to be widespread. That is at least good news but Samsung needs to address them soon. We are assuming a simple software update will fix the problem.

Samsung has not publicly acknowledged the problems but our source is set to receive a hardware replacement this week. The company is quick in responding to such complaints. This could be a hardware problem but it could also be a software issue.

Samsung needs to work on the complaints. Doing so shouldn’t be a problem for the top mobile OEM. It’s better to contain the issue this early before the larger sample of phone owners experience the same.