Samsung is already working on the Galaxy Note 10 and other mid-rangers but it’s not halting its work on older phones. The Galaxy S10 phones still remain to be the latest premium flagships from the South Korean tech giant. They may not be selling really well as the previous Galaxy S models but loyal Samsung fans still go for the pricey phones. They still like the fact Samsung delivers premium promises especially when it comes to imaging tech. However, the Galaxy S10 has some issues like the Night Mode which is not as impressive as expected.

A new software update is available for the Galaxy S10 phone owners. This May update brings improvements to the Night mode plus new functions. Not many people may notice the changes but those into mobile photography will know. Sammobile was able to test this particular software update and shared the phone now captures cleaner images.

The Night Mode feature has been updated to work with the ultra-wide camera. This means better night shots compared to before because of the narrower F2.2 aperture. The primary camera only has F1.5.

For Samsung to shoot stunning night mode photos, it is important the lens capture as much light. The primary camera may not be enough so it’s better if the ultra-wide lens is used so more details are captured.

The software update brings enhancement to the night mode. You may notice lower noise, the shutter is open longer, and cleaner scenes. The Live Focus feature can also be captured with the telephoto lens or ultra-wide lens for better results. This change is simply patterned after what is available on the Galaxy S10 5G.

You see, in phone cameras, the software is just as important as the hardware. We’ve tried a lot of high-specced cameras that don’t take really impressive shots–just ‘okay’ photos. Samsung must have seen the effects of the earlier changes it made on the 5G variant.

The major camera improvements will be much appreciated by the Samsung Galaxy S10 trio owners. For their high prices, the smartphones definitely need to deliver premium quality images. There are more affordable devices that offer just the same technology so Samsung really needs to make things better.



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