We’re already aware that screen repairs can be pricey but for the new Samsung Galaxy S10 phones, one job may cost 7100 yuan. To have a screen replaced, you may spend that much. It’s like getting a new phone so might as well get a totally new one. Gadgets getting damaged is normal. No matter how tough the build is, accidents can still happen. A product warranty can be extended but they can only do so much. Some OEMs offer limited warranties so it is still recommended you be careful with your stuff.

Samsung’s newest flagship phone screens can be replaced. We’re talking about the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ smartphones. The South Korean tech giant has shared prices for screen repair start at 5350 yuan for the S10e, 6450 yuan for the S10, and 7100 yuan for the bigger S10+ variant.

The prices are somewhat normal. To review, the Galaxy Note 9’s screen costs 5500 yuan. Apple’s replacement for the iPhone screens cost almost twice.

We know some people are willing to spend to repair their phones. As for the S10 series, it uses Infinity-O Display so prices are higher than usual. It’s a different display technology, that’s why.

If the prices are too much for you, there is a minimum maintenance fee that is still expensive at 5350 yuan which is about $792. These numbers tell us two things: (1) take good care of your phone because (2) repair can be very expensive.

VIA: ePrice