Samsung will unleash the new Galaxy S10 in a week’s time. The Android community is looking forward to confirming all the rumors and leaks we’ve seen the past few months. We can confirm a few details but we’re more interested to know about the imaging features since the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ will have powerful cameras. Both phones will boast triple rear cameras that may be good for a number of things like portrait, 1080p Super Slow Motion, Best, and HDR10+ video recording.

New camera features will be introduced with the Galaxy S10 phones. Some evidence point to several major features: Scene Optimizer with Ultra Wide Angle support, Super Steady video recording, Flaw Detection improvements, Full-HD Super Slow Motion, Best Shot, and HDR10+ video recording.

There are different references to the new features are discovered in different parts of the code. 1080p Super Slow Motion is already allowed on the Galaxy Note 9 but on the S10, it will be slower at 0.2 seconds of 960fps video at 720p or 0.4 seconds of 480fps video at 720p (manual mode).

Best Shot allows you to capture perfectly aligned images automatically. There’s also Bokeh Effects for Live Focus. The feature will include mono, color point, spin, slide light, vintage, zoom, and blur.

The Galaxy S10 will receive HEIF image format support. The phone can also detect a scene and optimize with ultra wide angle support. HDR10+ Video Recording will be available as well but it needs a Samsung video app.

The Ultra Wide Angle Video Recording is said to utilize 16 megapixels at ~123° FOV. Dual Capture with Wide-Angle is also ready with the telephoto and normal lens.

The Flaw Detection upgrades are provided with new recommendations for Live focus, panorama, wide-angle selfies, food mode, and screen flash for selfies.

Scene Optimizer can optimize image colors depending on the scene. Last but not the least is the Super Steady Video feature that allows greater video stabilization.

VIA: XDA Developers


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