It’s no surprise that the Galaxy S will be landing on all of the major carriers. But, this is the first rumor from a credible source that states a specific date for its release. A tipster told Tmonews that the Galaxy S will be releasing on T-Mobile on July 21st.

We’re going to take this news with a few grains of salt until some more information is uncovered. Hopefully some inventory screenshots or official word from T-Mobile or Samsung. Not too long ago there was a video that surface with a Samsung Galaxy S with T-Mobile apps installed, that pretty much confirmed that there is a T-Mobile version in the making.

Not too long ago there was a leaked roadmap of T-Mobile’s upcoming promotions. They promised something major will be announced later this month. For the sake of T-Mobile users everywhere, let’s hope that it’s the announcement of the Galaxy S. T-Mobile needs a few good high-end devices and this would make a good foundation device that they could build of off.

[via tmonews]



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