Samsung could probably say that they have a hit on their hand when it comes to their Galaxy S devices, but that looks like it would be an understatement. Samsung has come forward with their results for the quarter, and they managed to sell a bunch of devices. However, the main takeaway, besides the fact that they sold 71 million handsets around the globe, is the fact that they sold 3 million Galaxy S devices in the United States alone.

All the variations, making an appearance on all of the major wireless carriers in this neck of the woods, played their part. From AT&T’s Captivate, to Verizon’s Fascinate, the Galaxy S devices played a huge role for Samsung, and it’s obvious that they’re not slowing down any time soon. It will remain to be seen if the Continuum, which is set to launch on Verizon here in just a couple of days, will see the same overwhelming appeal as the other Galaxy S devices.

[via Reuters]


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