While we’ve already heard and seen our fair share of Galaxy S IV rumors, some new reports are coming out this week claiming that Samsung’s prepared to sell over 100 million units. That’s a bold statement, although a pretty fair assessment if you ask us. Last we heard the Galaxy S III sold over 50 million devices, and this new phone should be even more successful.

Earlier this year Samsung announced between their original Galaxy S, the S II, and now the S III sales are way over the 100 million mark. Each release the sales have increased with the Galaxy S doing 20 million, the S II doing around 40 million, and now the Galaxy S III sitting at 50m strong and still going. If you look at it from that perspective, the new flagship should do quite well.

In December Samsung reported that the company expects to ship over 500 million phones in 2013. 390 million of those are expected to be from smartphones alone. Looking at those numbers Samsung’s banking pretty big on the Galaxy S IV – and with good reason. Some analysts have reported that Samsung is preparing to manufacture and sell over 100m of their new flagship device, and might have to “reallocate resources away from Apple” in order to meet their own device demands.

Rumor has it Sammy will announce the all-new powerhouse Galaxy S IV on March 15th at a Samsung Unpacked event. The device will rock a 4.99-inch full 1080p HD display, and be powered by their new quad-core processor — or possibly even an Octa-core chip. Reports and leaks also detail a 13 megapixel camera, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and they’ll be leaving the S-Pen stylus out for their Note lineup. Either way we’re getting excited! We’ll be their live with plenty of details come March so stick around folks. Catch up on all the Samsung rumors from the timeline below.

[via Unwired View]


  1. I really don’t think they will achieve these sales numbers because a lot of people are already in long term contracts. It’s too soon for another phone. Most people don’t buy phones outright.

    but everything depends on HOW WOW Galaxy SIV will be!

    + done/launched right [made in USA, like NEXUS Q and Wireless charging Orb are] WOW Motorola X could easily disrupt SAMSUNG’s & Apple’s growth, reshape the industry.

    + HTC “One” (Ultrapixels camera, Ultrappi display, Ultrabeats sound, Ultrametal design, Ultrasleek SENSE) will definitely bury SONY and LG, create HURDLES for everybody else, including SAMSUNG and Apple.

    + I don’t want PLASTIC.

    + I don’t want lazy “design”.

    Current SAMSUNG’s “design language” is NOT what SAMSUNG should stick to. It’s what SAMSUNG MUST change. PERFECT!


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