So, as many rumors as we have heard about the Galaxy S, as far as the international version goes, revolving around Android 2.2 and its subsequent upgrade, it’s good to finally get a somewhat firm understanding of when we might expect to see it. It’s known as the Samsung M110S in Korea, but it’s the exact same Galaxy S that you’ve grown to love over the last few months. And yes, it’s getting upgraded to Android 2.2 in “early August.”

While many people look at their next phone purchase as a pretty big one, those that are looking at Android for their next mobile phone fix have to look at the roll-out of updates, too. Just the name of the game (unless you plan on rooting your device, then it doesn’t much matter). So, if you find yourself in Korea and checking out the Galaxy S in your region, be happy knowing that a Samsung official has confirmed the prodigal upgrade is coming to the handset some time in the early days of August. Nothing more concrete than that — like an exact date, but if it is indeed just around the corner, we should be hearing about the date soon enough. But, that just begs the question: when will the US counterparts get their own upgrade?

[via Unwired view]