The day has finally arrived and the Samsung Galaxy S III is here. We’ve waited through all the leaks and all the details have finally been revealed. After the excitement calms down you’ll be wondering what your next phone should be. The Galaxy S III, or maybe something like the HTC One X. We have pictures and hands-on video below to help you make up your mind on what superphone is right for you.

Both of these phones are extremely impressive in their own right. Both coming with quad-core processors, impressive 8 megapixel cameras, and huge 720p HD displays. While we don’t have all the details or answers regarding the US models, overseas the HTC One X is powered by NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3, while the Galaxy S III runs with Samsung’s own Exynos 4 Quad processor. These both run at 1.4 GHz and come complete with 1GB of RAM and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. We’ll just show you, check out our comparison video for all the info you’d need.

Galaxy S III vs HTC One X comparison

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While both phones are almost the same size, and have went with similar capacitive touch buttons rather than on-screen keys like the Galaxy Nexus, the Galaxy S III is actually a hair thinner and about 3 grams heavier — so basically even. While not a big difference, the Galaxy S III comes with a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD display compared to the barely smaller 4.7-inch screen from camp HTC, and until we get more time with both devices we can’t really comment on display quality as they are both excellent. Both offer 720×1280 HD resolutions and crisp vivid colors.

Once we are able to bring this beautiful Galaxy S III come we’ll be sure and run multiple benchmarks and comparisons to see how well the new Samsung Exynos quad-core handles tasks, but if it’s anything like their previous processors it will be blazing quick. This was just a quick short preview of the two and stay tuned for more in-depth hands-on coming soon.

[device id=2435]


  1. I think the Galaxy Note is better than both of them.  Just my opinion, but if I went to the store and all three devices were next to each other, I’d rather have the Gnote.

  2. Wow, that iPhone looks hella ugly and old-fashioned next to those two hero devices. That said, the X looks a bit sleeker (as does the Nexus, IMO) but the Galaxy S III hits true where it counts, superior hardware. Can’t imagine what it will be like with the next generation Exynos inside.

  3.  Galaxy Note beats THEM ALL, including iphone 4s. No doubts.It’s now obvious that HTC One X is a design masterpiece comparing to Galaxy SIII.Seems, like SAMSUNG will need to release a Galaxy S4 before holidays, HTC’s 1080 smartphone and October iphone launch.Why these 2 colors? Holy cr*p, where is BLACK Galaxy S3?The corners are TOO rounded…they’re too rounded for me, that ‘metal’ frame. That plastic-effect material….hyper-blaze process…ok, so what’s the name of this material? Ceramic? Water drop? Space tear?The only one hope for Galaxy Note II 2012 in July or August.

  4. Right now it is very easy to beat the S III. Because it’s not in the hands of the public. Until that time any old phone on the planet beats it. It was a nice presentation (stroke) and such stuff from London but it was a lot of wait and see as well. In the mean time we wait and will possible wait some more. Dog gone.

    • the upcoming htc phablet should easily take down the sIII. it has a 5 inch screen (more ergonomic than 5.3). it also has the quad-core qualcomm s4 processor with adreno 320. it should come during fall. 

  5. galaxy note is outdated these phones both kickass its hard to choose, but htc is better than samsung in my opinion i hope verizon has a good choose in the fall, till then im happy with my outdated rezound running ginger bread


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