This week at CTIA 2012 we got a few additional looks of the Samsung Galaxy S III and today we have one more. While hanging out in New Orleans we caught up with Ryan Bidan, Director of Product Marketing for Samsung Mobile, who was happy to provide us with a hands-on comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S III and the current flagship 5.3-inch Galaxy Note.

Both of these phones are packed with technology from Samsung and below you’ll find a nice video full of compare and contrast talking points. Obviously we have different processors, different software, and the screen sizes are a bit different too. Below is two videos, the first of which will go over the hardware differences and show why the SGSIII is the new king, then followed up with another Galaxy S III hands-on.

In this second video Bidan shows us more of the Galaxy S III in terms of hardware and software. Explaining a little more about what’s new regarding the software — Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich — as well as TouchWiz and the little tweaks they’ve made to make it even better on the new flagship smartphone.

Then we’ve also snapped a few more photos of the all new Galaxy S III for you below. You’ll see some settings, the about screen, as well as that Nyan Droid screen we all seem to love on ICS. Let us know what phone you’d rather use and check out all the coverage on both phones from the links below.

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