Most of us are still patiently waiting for the brand new flagship Samsung Galaxy S III to finally arrive and be available to buy. Although the phone isn’t supposed to be on the market until the very end of the month, we can now confirm from multiple reports the Galaxy S III is on sale in parts of Dubai.

Thanks to a lucky member of Reddit advertisements for the phone were spotted stating “available now” at a small retail shop inside a Dubai mall and he was lucky enough to walk away with the brand new phone. According to the reports others have also purchased the phone in parts of Dubai, and that particular shop has a good amount of inventory of the highly anticipated superphone from Samsung.

We are hearing the phone was purchased for around $667, a price that is much cheaper than any of the current pre-orders we’ve been seeing appear online these past few weeks. Even though the phone has seen huge numbers of pre-orders, this shop is selling early. The Samsung Galaxy S III isn’t slated to officially be released until May 29th, then the 30th in the UK, so about a week from now. For those of us here in the US the wait will be a little longer. If you must have this phone asap, you should probably start checking eBay right about now.

Most likely this is a mistake by a few retail shops in Dubai but until we hear further details it should still be available for purchase if you’re located in those parts. Let us know if you’re able to buy one in the comments below.

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[via PhoneArena]


  1. Here’s my plan – fly to Dubai.  Buy 10 Galaxy S III’s.  Sell 9 at hefty profit on eBay to pay for trip.

    What could go wrong??


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