Uh! The hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III quad-core superphone will not be announced or unveiled next month at Mobile World Congress 2012 according to latest rumors from The Verge. After initial reports lately including a few yesterday stating it would be announced in Spain for MWC 2012, we are now hearing that it has been delayed.

Members close to the subject are now claiming that the Galaxy S III will not be debuted at MWC 2012 and instead will be at a later date. However, sources are still saying we will see the device “before summer”, so that is good news. The last generation, the Galaxy S II was announced at MWC last year around the same time and we were expecting the same — but things appear to have changed.

While MWC was a logical choice, it could be because they’d like their own event for the big day, or Samsung needs a few more weeks to get everything ready to go. Either way we are now hearing they’ll be sure to announce some “interesting stuff” at MWC 2012 but that is all we know. I’m hopeful for a new 10.1″ tablet with a quad-core but we’ll have to wait and see.

Sad news, but it will be worth the wait in the end — that is for sure.