If you’re a Samsung Galaxy S III owner and either a T-Mobile or Verizon customer, you should be getting an OTA today. Unfortunately, it isn’t the update to Jelly Bean everyone has been waiting for, but luckily Samsung said earlier today that the Galaxy S III should be getting good ol’ Android 4.1, so at least there’s that. In any case, T-Mobile has announced that a particularly tiny update is going out over the air to Galaxy S III owners starting today, and it only makes some very minor changes.

This update brings Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich up to build T999UVLJ4, and with it, T-Mobile and Samsung have only added a couple of things. The first is a fix for playback issues in the Media Hub, with changes to the Pinch and Zoom backend being applied with this update as well. This means that unless you use Media Hub on a regular basis, you won’t notice any of the changes this update brings along with it, as the backend changes to Pinch and Zoom aren’t visable to users. The update is only 12MB in size, so it should download in no time once you go into your Settings menu and select “Software Update.”

Those with a Verizon Galaxy S III update are in for an update today as well, according to Droid Life. Like the T-Mobile update, this one is going out over the air as well, only Verizon’s update is a little more substantial. Coming in at 62MB, and its applied, you’ll have an “enhanced zoom feature” for the browser and emails, enjoy fewer device resets, and experience more stability in Google Play. Not too bad, and those stability fixes will undoubtedly be welcomed by Galaxy S III users on Verizon.

So there you have it – if you’re using a Galaxy S III on either Verizon or T-Mobile, you should have an OTA update heading your way soon. As we said, they’re nothing too substantial, but both at least fix some issues that users have been experiencing lately. Did you get either of these updates today, or are you still waiting?

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