Samsung Galaxy S III owners take note, because Mophie is ready to beef up your phone’s battery life. The company has announced a new Juice Pack made specifically for the Galaxy S III, and Mophie says that it can double the life your S III’s battery. Not only that, but it can also protect your expensive phone from bumps and scuffs as an added bonus.

The Samsung Galaxy S III Juice Pack makes use of a rechargeable 2,300mAh battery, which is actually a little beefier than the 2,100mAh one that comes packed in the phone itself. Since the case is designed specifically for the Galaxy S III, it won’t ruin the sleek look of your phone, and it even comes with a USB passthrough so you can charge and transfer data without ever having to remove the S III from its Juice Pack.

Mophie has also included an on/off toggle switch that will keep from wasting the extra power your Juice Pack provides. The Juice Pack comes with 4 LED lights installed, which not only tell you how much battery life is left, but also how much longer you’ll have to wait until charging is complete. All in all, it sounds like a pretty handy device, but if you want one, you’ll have to plop down a hefty amount of cash.

That’s because the Samsung Galaxy S III Juice Pack comes with a price tag of $99.95. That price seems a little steep at first, but this a peripheral that actually has some useful applications, so it may be worth the price to some folks. Mophie’s Juice Pack for the iPhone has proven to be pretty popular, so we’ll have to see if the company finds the same success breaking into Android. Will be picking one up?

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