Some new waves are starting to hit this afternoon regarding a sample photo or two that were taken with the new unannounced, and unreleased Samsung Galaxy S III. Obviously this is just a random image so we can’t take much from it, although seeing test pictures appear gives us hope that the smartphone is coming soon.

There are a few different things to take away from this photo. For one EXIF data from an image can easily be tweaked, or changed but according to this particular image it was snapped with the GT-i9300 — the rumored model number of the next Galaxy S III. It appears to be showing 8.1 megapixels for the camera although previous rumors suggest a 12 MP camera. It could be set to 8, or that might be what we get. At first glance this is a disappointing photo since the Galaxy S II takes very impressive photos.

Sources are claiming the image was snapped by a shaky person and the EXIF data shows it was an HDR image so that explains some of the fuzzy aspects of the photo. Again like we said, EXIF data can always be tweaked but the account this image was uploaded to Picasa was from Andrea Samsung, so that gives us some hope of its legitimacy. We are still waiting for Samsung to give us some sort of official word on the smartphone, or at least announce the unveiling of the phones since it was not at Mobile World Congress. I can’t wait to get my hands on this phone, and I bet I’m not alone.

[via Phandroid]