Here’s a bit of news that will surprise absolutely no one: T-Mobile has announced that the incredibly popular Samsung Galaxy S III has become its best-selling device of all time. Considering the massive marketing campaign Samsung launched for the device, along with the excellent reviews the S III was met with, we’re not all that shocked to hear that the flagship has been selling like hotcakes at T-Mobile.

Of course, the Galaxy S III has only be available for a few months now, so Samsung and T-Mobile still deserve a pat on the back. After all, it isn’t easy to top some of T-Mobile’s other offerings, such as the myTouch line. The Galaxy S III did it, though, and managed the achievement in a relatively short period of time, all things considered.

You can bet Samsung is feeling pretty good about this, as the announcement comes just a few weeks after we learned that the Galaxy S III sold 20 million units in just 100 days. Make no mistake, the Galaxy S III is one of the most popular phones in the world, so don’t be surprised to hear your local T-Mobile representatives pushing this phone a little more than they used to. Just the same, don’t expect Samsung to lay off the Galaxy S III ads any time soon either – there are still plenty more people to convert to the S III.

The Galaxy S III will likely be riding high for a while yet, at least until Samsung reveals the Galaxy S IV. Even then, the Galaxy S III will still probably be selling like mad well into the S IV’s life cycle. Did you secure your Galaxy S III through T-Mobile, or did you go to a different carrier to nab Samsung’s flagship device?

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[via @TMobile]