Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch along with the 2014 edition Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. These announcements came by way of the Unpacked event which took place in Berlin, however it seems there was also a bit of news regarding some other Samsung handsets. In this case, the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S 4.

Anyway, Samsung had announced that the Note 3 and new Note 10.1 would be arriving with Android 4.3. That of course caused many to wonder when, or if, those other devices would see similar updates. Samsung has been fairly decent about device updates in the past and sticking with that — they have said the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S 4 will be getting a 4.3 update in October.

The catch with that, while Samsung will begin the Android 4.3 rollout in October it will likely be some time before it arrives with every carrier. As many are already familiar with, Samsung will release the update and then it has to go through a carrier approval process. Basically, those sporting a Galaxy S III or Galaxy S 4 will likely get 4.3 in time, but it may not actually arrive until after October.

Think of this as a good-news/bad-news sort of situation. And with that, we suspect some users are already beginning to think of the recently announced Android 4.4 Kit Kat. Of course, we have yet to even hear much from Google in terms of that release which means it will be even longer before we hear from the manufacturers and carriers in regards to Kit Kat.

At present, Android 4.3 has already been made available for those with a Nexus device. There are also several third-party custom ROMs that have been released using Android 4.3. And keeping with the word from the device manufacturers, HTC is expected to update the HTC One beginning later this month.

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  1. Samsung puts this out in October. VZW will probably get it about the same time as my contract with them is up. Good riddance to non-Nexus phones.

  2. Somebody help me. My contract is almost up with sprint. This is my delima. The next thing I want to get is something with a big screenbut not to big. Something that would be better than my galaxy’s S 2. Should I look into the note or a notebook?
    How about a tablet? 2 many decisions.

  3. just got an S3 and cannot connect at home…thinking of rooting then upgrading to 4.2 software. hoping tht will help. does tht sound like a good plan/idea??? i can still take it back to the store, but would like to keep it if at all possible…


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