If you’ve been holding out on buying a Galaxy S III until Samsung releases the much-talked about 64GB variant, you may want to pay attention to this next story. A listing for the 64GB variant of the Galaxy S III has popped up on the website of Italian retailer ePrice, which suggests that the handset isn’t that far away from launch. Get ready to pay a pretty hefty sum of money for the new Galaxy S III though, because ePrice gives it a price tag of €800 – that’s just over 1,000 American dollars.

Also, before you get too excited, we should let you know that this handset hasn’t been confirmed for a US or UK release yet. In other words, Samsung may be gearing up to launch a 64GB variant of the Galaxy S III, but that doesn’t necessarily mean its launch will be worldwide. Instead, it looks as if only a few regions will get it at first, while others may never see it.

Even if it doesn’t launch in regions like the US or the UK, it isn’t as if current Galaxy S III models are worse than this 64GB version. As far as we can tell, there aren’t any differences aside from the increased internal storage, and other Galaxy S III models come packing a microSD slot, making storage expansion as simple as picking up a microSD card. Since microSD cards can’t exactly be called expensive, that might be the better choice for some folks.

Still, it’s easy to see the appeal of having a Galaxy S III with 64GB of storage right off the bat. For some people currently living outside of Italy, however, that sadly isn’t an option just yet. We’ll be keeping an ear to the ground for more information on this 64GB Galaxy S III, so keep checking back here with us at Android Community!

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