Proving that miracles still sometimes happen, the almost legendary Samsung Galaxy S II has just been added to CyanogenMod 11‘s roster of nightly builds. While it’s still a bit too early to get hopes up, it still brings an early taste of Android 4.4 for a device that would have probably never seen it otherwise.

This news will probably be met by no small amount of jubilation among Galaxy S II owners, particularly the international model i9100. Owners of this smartphone have been one of the more vocal groups raising their voices in petition whenever a CyanogenMod announcement goes out. Now their please seem to be getting heard finally.

To be fair, this isn’t the first time the smartphone got a nightly build but it is definitely the first one for CyanogenMod 11, which means the first Android 4.4 build for it, at least from CyanogenMod. There has already been one coming from OmniROM, but given the latter’s youth, some might be more comfortable with CyanogenMod’s versions.

Granted, this doesn’t actually immediately mean that there will be an official stable CyanogenMod 11 release for the Galaxy S II. After all, there have been nightlies for CyanogenMod 10.2 as well but never a stable release. Special thanks must also be given to XDA community members who stepped up to the task in order to even get an official nightly included in the list.



  1. i installed this nightly by mistake yesterday (thinking it was another 10.2 build). unfortunately, some apps started to crash right after. plus, a lot of the gapps got broken as well, including keep and google play.
    couldn’t find an updated gapps version to install, so i went back to cm 10.2.

    guess i’ll wait for a stabler nightly version of cm11


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