Samsung’s been pretty busy on ad campaigns lately with the “dude you’re a barista” and the “next big thing” commercials but today we have two brand new ones to share. You can say they are taking shots at Apple — and they sort of are but in a subtle way. They’ve left out the goofy “Samsung’d” catchphrase and replaced it with a cute blonde flirting with iPhone users. Check them out after the break.

I’m a fan of these commercials personally but some might think they poke fun a little too much, or are obnoxious. Maybe it’s because they are brutally honest. Either way they are worth a quick look so we have them right here for you. The first video introduces an iPhone user than is then suckered into Android by a cute blonde flirting her way into his heart. While the ad is good, do don’t need those tactics in real life because Android does all the work for us with it’s awesome features.

Is it just me or does the guy act like a 13 year old that has never talked to a girl before? Just saying.

Then the next new video by Samsung is much shorter — and basically just a follow-up to past “barista” commercials like the original we all loved (linked to below). In this new video the barista talks to his Galaxy S II empowered friends about the speeds of 4G.

So what do you guys think? Were these as good as the originals from last year, or a bit too casual this time around? I know over the holidays I had a few family members loving my Galaxy Nexus and trying to trade me.