News has just hit the wires from Samsung themselves that they’ll officially be updating the Galaxy S II to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Saturday. This will be for the international version most know as the GT-i9100 and not the US versions on T-Mobile AT&T and others. In just two days you international Galaxy S II owners will be enjoying some Android 4.0 ICS.

We are unsure if the update will be rolled out over the air for all International carrier versions but the details direct from Samsung confirm that it will be here on the 10th, and will be available on KIES to download should you choose. Obviously this is the latest and greatest from Google and ICS is awesome so we’d strongly recommend it.

Sadly those with the T-Mobile or AT&T carrier branded Galaxy S II’s you’ll have to wait a little longer. Most likely these updates are also coming very shortly considering they all run similar versions of Gingerbread with TouchWiz and aren’t too carrier specific. We should be hearing more about the US versions shortly. Also we can expect the official release to be ported to US models immediately after hitting download wires thanks to those awesome Android Community developers.

Users can enjoy plenty of Samsung’s own improvements plus the awesome features in Ice Cream Sandwich to make a great overall experience. Check the FAQ if you have questions. Hit the links below for more details on the Galaxy S II or Ice Cream Sandwich. Let us know how the update goes come Saturday you lucky buggers!

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