Samsung spread the Galaxy S love out to just about every carrier you can think of. All of the phones got different names with Verizon calling its Galaxy S the Fascinate. Smaller carrier US Cellular has announced that it is getting a new Android smartphone that is a version of the Galaxy S called the Mesmerize.

If you know the Galaxy S in any of its various flavors, you are familiar with the specs. In case you aren’t familiar though, I will run them down for you. The smartphone will run Android 2.1 and has a big 4-inch Super AMOLED screen that is touch sensitive. The processor inside the smartphone is a 1GHz Hummingbird.

The smartphone has 3D graphics and is compatible with DLNA-devices including TVs and computers. The handset will naturally connect to the Android Market and it has a QWERTY keyboard, 5MP camera, and more. The Mesmerize will sell for $199 after an $80 MIR and will land October 27.