Samsung launches several smartphones each year with the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note as the top two premium flagships. And then there are the numerous mid-range and budget-friendly devices for several markets. The South Korean tech giant is still the top mobile brand. It’s followed by Huawei after the latter has overtaken Apple. It may still be a while before another company tackles on Samsung but it doesn’t need to be lax. The company’s numbers aren’t as impressive so it needs to be careful.

Now rumor has it Samsung will be consolidating the two Galaxy brands. Instead of two separate premium flagships, there may be only one. The next-gen Galaxy S11 may no longer appear, at least, just the name.

A Samsung executive said they want to unify the brand now. The result may be the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series’ new baby. We don’t exactly know how the new Galaxy premium may be called but we heard the next Galaxy S11 may offer S-Pen support.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 isn’t due until the next five to six months. We’re not sure if there will still be the “Galaxy S Note series” but we’re looking forward to that “Galaxy One” (project nickname). We’re guessing Samsung will delay the release a bit. A Mobile World Congress may still be happening but we won’t be surprised if it’s moved later.

If the top premium phones from Samsung are competing against each other, then maybe the foldable phone series may be the other flagship. What do you think?


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