Yesterday we brought word of Samsung releasing Android 2.2 (build I9000) on it’s Open Source Release Center. It looks like now that it was published prematurely, and it has been pulled from the website.

Hopefully if you were looking to download it as a developer you got your hands on it before it was pulled or can find access to a mirror. What does this mean exactly? We aren’t sure, it could mean that the release of Froyo for Samsung Galaxy S devices could be pushed off even further as we approach the announcement of Gingerbread. Only time will tell and we know it will take a fully polished OS with little bugs for Samsung to officially release a major software update.

So, Galaxy S users will just have to stick to their ROMs, for now – or stay with 2.1 until the actual release gets pushed. Hopefully it’s before Gingerbread hits devices.

[Via Phandroid]