The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G has been lighting up T-Mobile’s airwaves for about three weeks now, during which its owners were sadly bereft of rooting and ROM flashing options. But as usual, the community comes through: XDA user k0nane gifted Blaze owners with root early this morning, and it was hardly any time at all before fellow member shabbypenguin got a method of getting the venerable ClockworkMod recovery up and running. Neither process is as easy as it is on some devices: you’ll be messing with Samsung’s proprietary flashing tool Odin to get everything up and running, which is handy, since it’s aparently pretty easy to wipe your phone in the process.

The root process needs Odin to flash a special Android kernel and the standard BusyBox app. The ClockworkMod recovery (version 5.5.04, if you’re wondering) uses the same tool to flash. In both cases you’ll need to do a little prep work, so if you’re planning on flashing your Galaxy S Blaze 4G, make sure and read the pages linked above very carefully. Once you’ve done the deed, you’ll be ready for root apps and all manner of custom ROMs… once they’re made, anyway.

The Galaxy S Blaze 4G is blessed with an overabundance of processing power in addition to an annoyingly long name. Its 1.5ghz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM are more than a match for most high-end smartphones, even if the screen and styling leaves a little something to be desired. That being the case, it shouldn’t be too long before someone gets around to creating an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the phone based off of one of the other Samsung ROMs, and they should certainly be able to do so before Samsung and T-Mobile get around to it. We live in hope.

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