Samsung announced the availability of the GALAXY S 4 wireless charging setup a short while back and as of today it looks like the back covers have come available by way of Verizon Wireless. The one catch, Verizon has the back covers available but at the moment there is no sign of the Samsung branded charging pads.

With that in mind, the GALAXY S 4 back covers use the Qi wireless charging system which means other charging pads will work just as well. Verizon Wireless does have the Nokia DT-900 Charging Plate which is selling for $49.99. And for those keeping track, the official Samsung branded charing pad is also priced at $49.


In addition to the charging pad, the GALAXY S 4 wireless charging back covers are priced at $39 and Verizon Wireless has these available in black and white. Otherwise, the carrier also has a bundle deal available for $89.98. This includes a black or white back cover along with the previously mentioned Nokia DT-900 charging plate.

Bottom line here, you will need to part with $90 (plus tax) to have the convenience of wireless charging. That brings the other issue, the fact that Samsung doesn’t directly integrate this support like some other handsets. Not to mention, using the wireless charging back cover will add a bit of extra thickness to your handset.

VIA: Droid-Life

SOURCE: Verizon Wireless