It is never too early for a teardown video of the GALAXY S 4 right? It hasn’t even hit the market yet and we already have some detailed pictures and a video showing the device completely tore apart for the sake of repair-ability. While this isn’t the first one we’ve seen, it finally goes into depth about the device and will hold us over until the popular iFixIt get their hands on one.

Yup, this isn’t the detailed macro-photography and great teardown work of iFixIt, instead some lucky users already have a GALAXY S 4 and provided the video and pictures to TechnoBuffalo. Teardown videos are always a bit of fun to see just how well everything is put together, or terribly in some cases. Luckily for us the GALAXY S 4 is well made, and fits together like a perfect puzzle.

All said and done the report comes back stating that the GALAXY S 4 is actually really easy to fix and work with, and indeed actually is an easier device to repair than the previous Galaxy S III. This is good news for those do-it-yourself types like myself.

According to the report little things like micro-SD slots, SIM slots and more can all be replaced with the GALAXY S 4 should you choose, so this device won’t be too hard to fix should the awful moment happen where you drop it and it breaks. It isn’t as detailed as most teardowns but we’ll take what we can get. While we wait for the phone to actually hit the streets check out all of our coverage on the new flagship from Samsung below.

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