Like many of you, we’ve all been waiting for more details and pricing regarding the upcoming flagship Samsung GALAXY S 4 smartphone – and even the new HTC One. Today on stage T-Mobile has been talking 4G LTE, unlimited data, contract-free plans, and of course the GS4. According to T-Mobile the GALAXY S 4 will be available “May 1st for $99”.

We’ve covered everything that’s gone down thus far this afternoon, and it’s all linked to below. However the extra little bit of information they dropped on stage is what caught us off guard and we wanted to share. That being the GALAXY S4 should be available May 1st from T-Mobile with full 4G LTE. The date sounds like a soft date, and not confirmed, but they sounded pretty sure about it.

Legere, the new man in charge at T-Mobile said it would arrive “About May 1st” so we’ll have to take that for what it’s worth. Technically we could see it at the end of April, or on May 2nd – but who knows. What we do know is HTC’s attempt to beat Samsung to market doesn’t look too good right about now, and hopefully they hurry. Oh the HTC One will also only be $99, but they didn’t tease a release date.

As for pricing, this is nothing new to T-Mobile but might be new for the vast majority of users from other networks. The GALAXY S 4 will be yours contract-free for $100 from T-Mobile. However, you’ll be required to make monthly payments of $20 for 2 years to pay it off. It’s like a lease, but the device is yours to do as you’d like once it’s paid in full. Hopefully come May 1st the device will be available, and you can enjoy it in one of the new T-Mobile 4G LTE cities.

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  1. I wish more carriers would let me pay off the phone over 2 yrs….Verizon is ridiculous asking $300 upfront for a subsidized phone ..throw us users a bone…let us pay full price for the phone over 2 years but charge us for what we only use ..I’ve never needed 450 mins or 200 messages….but I eat data like a charge me accordingly Verizon!!

    • That 580 is what Samsung themselves announced the device to be worth, the fact that carriers are selling it higher is an outright gouge.


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