The Samsung GALAXY S 4 launch is quickly approaching. We have seen some pre-order details from US Cellular and have also gotten a pre-order date and some pricing from AT&T. Alternatively, several carriers also seem to be dropping the price of the Galaxy S III ahead of the GALAXY S 4 launch. The Galaxy S III price drops have been spotted with AT&T and Verizon Wireless. More to the point for today though, it looks like Samsung has begun airing some television commercials.

So far there has been three commercials, all of which are currently available in the post below. This trio of commercials is focused on features — S Translator, Group Play and Sound Shot. These are all features that we have seen mentioned before, however something about having them packed into a (roughly) 30 second video makes them that much easier to digest. On that note, the first commercial is for S Translator.

S Translator should be a plus for those who regularly travel to locations where they may not be able to speak the language. Basically, using S Translator you will be able to speak into your phone and have that translated and spoke back. Next up is the commercial for Group Play, which will allow GALAXY S 4 users to share a song in a group. Once shared, that song will then play on each phone for a group listening experience.

Last up for the commercials we have Sound Shot. This feature is camera related. Sound Shot means you will be able to take a picture and also record the surrounding noise. The image, or Sound Shot should then be able to provide a bit more of an having-been-there feel for the person on the receiving end. Perhaps the more interesting question will be how often these features will actually be used in a real-world setting.

Otherwise, touching back on the current state of GALAXY S 4 pre-orders and we have them as coming available with AT&T and US Cellular on April 16. AT&T has also said the pricing will begin at $199.99. In the meantime, make sure to venture down into the Story Timeline below to check out some of our recent GALAXY S 4 related coverage.

[via Android Beat]

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