Samsung surely isn’t showing any signs of slowing down with their advertising campaigns. In fact, they’re only going to increase now that all major US carriers and more are offering their latest flagship GALAXY S 4 smartphone. Instead of poking fun at the iPhone we’re seeing Samsung’s sensitive side in this latest ad spot. Check it out after the break.

The new GALAXY S 4 ad spot is called “Swaddle Master” and might end up being one of the most sensitive and cute videos you see all week. Unless of course you frequent /r/aww as much as I do. Instead of getting obnoxious at pool parties or showing celebrities Samsung is giving us a look at a more realistic and personal usage scenario.

Instead they are once again highlighting key features of their new smartphone, and doing so in a fun and cute manor that surely many first time dad’s can relate to. In this clip we’re seeing the awesome AirGesture features for hands-free usage, not to mention using S-Voice for instant hands-free YouTube video searches and more. Take a peek below.

Then in what is probably the best part of the commercial (aside from the 0:48 second mark) is Samsung showing off their eye-tracking technology called smart stay and smart pause. The GALAXY S 4 will track your eyes while playing back video, and pause each time the user isn’t looking directly at the display.

This is one of those neat features the average user might not know is available when they get their own GS4. I feel for all you dads getting left alone with the little man. It’s tough to change a diaper and watch NFL network at the same time. Tough indeed. Good job Samsung for playing it nice and showcasing your product at the same time.

VIA: AndroidAuthority