The argument about having a full, physical QWERTY keyboard or one of the “soft” kind is a time-tested one. And it’s probably not going anywhere any time soon. It’s all about personal preference, but unfortunately there’s just times when you’re favorite hardware manufacturer doesn’t give you what you want, so you’re forced to look at something else. Well, for Samsung, it looks like they’re starting to focus more on the hardware, as the Galaxy S (up until the Galaxy S Pro, that is) has been focused on the software side, rumors suggest a new device is heading to the States, featuring a full physical ‘board.

According to the Korea Times, Samsung is working on what’s being called the Samsung Galaxy Q. According to their source, it’ll be hitting American store shelves by the end of this year. But, obviously the big question is: which carrier? We already know that the Samsung Captivate (something like the Galaxy S) is heading to AT&T, and T-Mobile’s rumored to be getting the S themselves. And when Sprint launches the Galaxy S Pro, that leaves only Verizon Wireless out of the Samsung goody bag. Sure enough, that’s where the Q is rumored to be heading. Interestingly enough? The report suggests that the Galaxy Q is going to be competing with RIM’s BlackBerry devices. So, does that mean we’ll be seeing formfactor’s familiar with the line? Hopefully with that touchscreen, though.

[via unwiredview]