So you’re looking for that new Galaxy phone and you’ve got no idea what you’re going to take the time to purchase, yes? How about the inexpensive (if you consider $179.99 to be inexpensive,) Samsung Galaxy Prevail? It’s got all the expected stuff like stereo bluetooth, GPS, Android 2.2 featuring the official Android Market, and it’s got a 3.2″ touchscreen with a 2 megapixel camera on the back. Wait, what? That seem awfully small for a camera on a modern smartphone.

The device itself is rely really thin at .47″, the rest of the phone is generally similar to past Galaxy devices at 4.43″ tall, 2.26″ wide, with a weight at 3.8oz. This is of course a CDMA phone, has a microSD slot, and has a “Samsung Lip” on its battery cover, making it oh-so-easy for you to pull it out of your pocket if you wish.

This phone is likely to be sitting at the high end of midrange phones, it releasing with nearly the most advanced Android and having not too good a camera, and only one camera as opposed to having one on the back and one on the front. These sorts of things have become par for the course with high-end phones, any manufacturer hoping to compete with them essentially needing to comply at this point or be tossed out with the trash.

Who is this phone for? Those popping into Android without an idea of what they’d like to purchase. This is a simple Android phone without too many frills (though there may be some inside the apps, who knows,) and an utterly simple hardware setup. Young adults and old adults coming into Android will turn to this for their first.

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