Take a peek at this series of ads or single ad with a Choose Your Own Adventure style twist, however you look at it. They start with a supposed CCTV view of a convenience/grocery store with a handful of people in it, just shopping – then WHAM! In comes a couple of terrible robbers come in with guns! Oh my gosh! Who will save the day? You guessed it – the brand spanking new mobile music player GALAXY Player 50!

This is the iPod killer. There. I said it. Is it true? We shall see, and we shall see soon. For now though, let’s concentrate for a moment on these commercials. The first one you can see here, the robbery starting and everyone gasping, ending with a selection screen from whence you can decide which of the patrons of the store will save the day:


BUT DONT CLICK because we’ve got all of the videos right here!

The first choice is The Nerd. This fellow saves the day with an awesome idea to play… a cow noise? No, that was totally wrong. To play a police siren noise! Perfect! They robbers run away, and he pops out like a true nerd, congratulating himself on a job well done! He high fives everyone and rips his shirt open to reveal a SUPERMA- wait, a 50! A GALAXY Player 50 logo in a Superman-esque box. He did it, and his music player helped him out in a great way! This situation has proven the guy “Cool as a Cucumber.”


Next is The Hot Girl who decides to find her way through the wine aisle… and shows them her sexy dance. But she doesn’t actually dance, she sends the video to a nearby television, calling in some big rough dudes to beat up the criminals. The big rough dudes then start cheering… for the lady on the screen?… and the lady pops out to argue with them about how she’s the lady on the screen, ripping open her shirt and tossing her hair around, revealing that she’s wearing the GALAXY Player 50 shirt! The title of this movie implies that this lady has proven herself a “Superstar.”


The Grandma is next, she not hearing the robbers at first, then pops out the GALAXY Player 50 to show them photos of her family and her son the cop, and etc etc, showing off so many pics that the battery runs low – this allows her an opportunity to switch up the battery (a feature of this device they’re pumping up because iPod Touch has no such feature.) Eventually she reveals that her son meets her at the store every Wednesday (which is today,) he comes in, they’re caught.

This commercial proves… that the Grandma has a blue shirt on too!

Here’s were the titling scheme falls apart. The titles of the last few movies worked out alright, leading us to believe that each of the people in the videos would be proven to be their hero alter-ego – first “Cool as a Cucumber,” then “Superstar,” but the third video is called “Those boys were naughty!” Something a grandma might say, but changing the whole situation on the titling of the movies.


Next is The Fan who has seen the robbers on the internet. He asks to take their picture, does so, and sends it to the cops, who then arrive and capture. The Fan slowly undoes his shirt and smiles, revealing the blue 50 shirt again. This movie is titled “Can I take a picture of you?” leading us to believe perhaps the titles are instead something the heroes might say in the situations they were in. Seems to fit.


Finally there’s the Kung-Fu Master. A fellow wearing an absurd yellow dragon sweatshirt, drawing the villains in for a closer look at the movie he’s watching on his GALAXY Player 50. Once they’re close enough, he chops them down with his kung-fu skills. He then turns around, blasts his blue shirt, and says HAAAAWOOOOOO. The title of this movie is “My Chi warned me!”

These commercials are ok. The acting is terrible, the plotline makes no sense (and not in a good way,) and the product is barely worth putting in the video. Whoever filmed the commercial knew what he or she was doing, and so did the design director in charge of all the still images and photographs. Everything else is sup-par. Samsung, you are NOT going to come anywhere NEAR Apple with these. I hate to post something from Apple here on an Android blog, but you’ve given me no choice!

THAT is a good ad. Good luck, Samsung.