While smartphones bring the convenience of point-and-shoot photography for normal users, photography fanatics do value the Pro mode in most of the phones out there. The freedom to toggle the camera settings just like in a DSLR camera is one thing that makes mobile photography fun. Most devices out there have the Pro mode enabled only for the primary camera lens and Samsung is on its way to change that. The South Korean giant has announced that it is considering Pro mode to be allowed for telephoto lens on the Galaxy line of devices.

Ones who are used to DSLR cameras prefer to tinker with the camera settings like ISO levels, white balance, aperture settings and shutter speed. The same is true for smartphone shooting modes as it gives them more control over the final image.

After many requests by the Samsung community, they have finally decided to give it a go and add Pro mode for the telephoto lens. Of course, they are going to bite their time as the implementation takes a bit of time, but eventually it is going to land on at least the current flagship Galaxy devices.

According to the Samsung Community South Korea, the mode is going to launch soon via software update. This is good news for current Samsung owners and ones who are considering buying the phone(s) in the future.

Common sense says that the Pro mode for telephoto lens is going to initially launch for Galaxy S21, Z Fold, Note 20 and the Z Flip series – given their flagship status in the product portfolio. Would the high-end Galaxy A series or the mid-range devices also get it?

Well, they could eventually get it but will be far later than premium devices, that’s for sure. Any which way this is good news for the advanced mobile photography fanatics and prospective buyers who have found another reason to go the Samsung way.