One small step for Samsung, a thousand giant steps for mankind (well, at least those who love photography). Inspired by the NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover, the OEM built a similar contraption to put its Galaxy NX camera on the road in different parts of the world to be able to let people remotely take pictures of places and events and send you the pictures instantly and upload them directly on the database.

The Samsung NX Rover is a combination of a photography and social experiment. Using the 4G connection of the Android-powered camera, the photos that you take remotely, controlled online and in real-time, are sent to you directly from the camera. This is one of the best things about the NX camera series, as it allows direct sharing onto social networks and other sites without having to save photos onto your hard drive.

Covering such events as the London Super Comic Con and a game at the home stadium of German and European champions FC Bayern, the Rover project announced in advance the “shooting schedule” so that those who wanted to participate would be online. They also teamed up with Getty Images and three famous photographers, (Gareth Cattermole, Julian Finney, and Ian Gavan) to do a little tutorial on how best to use the Samsung NX cameras to take action, portrait and landscape shots.

The Galaxy NX camera is a 20.3MP APS-C Sensor gadget that has a 1/6000 sec shutter speed and 8.6fps shooting capability, plus several connectivity options as well. As of now, there is announcement of a new event yet where you can test out the traveling robot, but you’ll be able to view the galleries of past events on the Samsung Galaxy NX Rover official site.

SOURCE: Samsung