Once more, with feeling. For the third time since its announcement at IFA last year, Samsung’s Galaxy Note has passed through the hallowed halls of the Federal Communications Commission. But this time seems a little more pointed, since the latest model includes radio bands for AT&T’s growing LTE network, which were missing on both previous occasions.  The carrier announced their intention of selling the phone at CES after months of breathless anticipation on this side of the pond.

Though there’s still no news on exactly when the Galaxy Note will be available for purchase, the FCC clearance is a good sign that it will be sooner rather than later. Previous trips were probably initiated by Samsung itself, testing for a variety of carriers including Canadian ones. Of course, European versions of the Note have been compatible with AT&T’s standard HSPA+ radio bands since it was released in Europe, but good things come to those who wait – before too long Americans will have the options of a cheaper phone on subsidy with LTE speeds and (last but not least) the standard four Android navigation buttons hanging out underneath that massive screen.

If you’re not an AT&T customer, there are some other possible options coming down the pipeline. Industry rumors heavily implied that after a period of exclusivity the Galaxy Note will come to Verizon as the “Galaxy Journal”. IN Canada the Telus version looks like it will be available sometime in February, and that likely means that Rogers and Bell will follow suit shortly thereafter.

[via Wireless Goodness]