The rumors surrounding Samsung’s larger tablet offering are inching closer to reality. With various leaked images and spec speculations floating around, there seems to be an expectation of a CES 2014 or MWC launch. A new round of innuendo bolsters some of the recent reports, but casts a bit of doubt as well.

Korean site Move Player is reporting that the Galaxy Note Pro will be offered in two sizes: a 12.2-inch variety, as well as a 10.1-inch. The smaller version is said to have an impressive 2560 x 1600 display and 3GB RAM. Running Android 4.4, the site is saying the smaller of the two also has a massive 9500mAh battery, giving it some heft on the back end, putting it at 750g total.

The site is also noting that news of a dual-booting Note Pro is untrue. Their unnamed sources are aging the device will not be dual-booting Windows, as many have speculated. That all comes off news Microsoft had approached several Android OEMs — who were also making Windows Phones — to slide Windows into their Android offerings. Of course, that never happened, but it’s been lending itself to the dual-booting rumors since.

We do take issue with this one, though. It’s totally unfounded, which always makes us listen with a jaded slant. The source article from Move Player’s report is also taken down, which is a little suspect. Then we come to the actual sources themselves, who don’t have a name or relationship to speak of to these rumors. Had it been a Developers’ conference or something, we’d hold that in regard. Otherwise, it’s still just grist for the mill.