Need something bigger? Samsung has it for you. We’ve heard the rumors here and there, but nothing has been confirmed — until now. Samsung, either by design or fault, has leaked their biggest tablet in a big way. A giant banner adorns the South Hall of the Las Vegas convention center, and it’s an homage to the biggest of Samsung’s offerings.

While we don’t have the specs just yet, we do know it’s really real now! The Note Pro is said to be a 12-inch (or so) tablet, of course running Android. We’ve heard the tablet will be joined by two smaller variants, which are said to be right around the 8 and 10-inch size. Again, nothing confirmed (yet), but with a giant banner staring all CES attendees in the face, it can’t be too far off.

We could see these tablets as soon as tomorrow, when Samsung holds their press conference. If all goes well, we’ll see these three, as well as the Tab Pro. We’ll also hopefully get a little clarity to the muddled situation. Are these Tabs, Notes, or what? We should find out soon enough.

We’ll also be keen to know just how these play into Samsung’s current tablet offerings. Will they drop their current lineup or relegate the pricing to a more mid-range offering? Time will tell, and hopefully come tomorrow, we’ll have those answers. Stay tuned for all your CES coverage, including Samsung news!