The reports and rumors surrounding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note III have been appearing by the handful, but we’re starting to get a few repeat rumors that could lead to the real thing. The screen size is still up in the air, but multiple sources have “confirmed” 5.99-inches will indeed be what Samsung offers. And now we’re hearing it will be an unbreakable plastic display, not glass.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that screen size, or of unbreakable displays from Samsung. Getting them both in the same rumor however is where this gets interesting. Samsung’s 5.5-inch Note II getting a slight increase to 5.99 instead of previously reported 6.3-inches sounds more realistic. Then improve the design and offer an unbreakable OLED display – sign me up!

According to SamMobile that’s exactly what we could be seeing in August for IFA 2013, with a release set for early Q4 of 2013. Just like the previous Note II last year. The OLED plastic display will be extremely lightweight, but also much thinner which will provide space for an even bigger battery. Then of course it won’t break when dropped.

The issue here is durability and resilience to scratches. If my screen doesn’t break but gets scratched like no other from daily use, keys, and of course that S-Pen stylus then we won’t be happy. Most likely Samsung has a way around both of those issues as the Note III will undoubtedly come with the S-Pen. So far this is just a rumor but one that makes perfect sense, especially as screen sizes continue to increase.

Thoughts on a plastic display?


    • i read elsewhere that Sammy would like to use an aluminum body for their upcoming phones to compete w/ the HTC one. if they use an aluminum body w/ a plastic display, & coat it in Liquipel, this phone will b indestructible.

      • Loser, plastic is actually more durable than metal or aluminium due to it’s ability to distribute shock when the phone is dropped, unlike aluminium which concentrates the shock from falls into 1 place. In any case, you will most likely be buying a bumper for the phone which will hide the aluminium. I know when I get this I will definitely be getting the Otterbox Defender for it.
        Just a btw, I’ve dropped my GS2 with Otterbox Defender twice onto it’s screen from about a 2 meter height, and it is still working perfectly.

      • It’s just ugly.

        As it is, the S4 – has turned into a Government device. This year I’m packing the HTC

  1. You guys do know that the gorilla glass is an overlay on the screen right.. That regardless of the new screen substrate it will probably have at the very least gorilla glass 2 and most likely 3 that you will be touching with your grimy fingers and stylus?

  2. Another industry leading device on the way. My Galaxy Note 2 is still the GOLD STANDARD of technology today. I definitely look forward to the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 nothing will be better from September to July 2014.

    • “nothing will be better from September to July 2014” Another blanket statement that usually turns out completely wrong. Just like how you said the Evo 3D would be “Sprint’s flagship device well into 2012”. Or how you “knew” the Galaxy Nexus would be Verizon’s flagship phone. What a joke.

      • You are definitely a sad conclusion Mr. Never buy anything I have a 2011 Galaxy Nexus on putrid Sprint. Do yourself a large favor go get a income then go buy something worth wild. Get of your mom’s family plan

      • Once again, if I “never buy anything”, then how did I get the aforementioned Sprint Galaxy Nexus less than a month after its release, when it cost ~$200? Riddle me that, Dick.
        Also, as I’ve pointed out countless times, the phrase is “worth while”. Go back to grade school and learn how to spell.

  3. Looking forward to this phoneblet. I hope it comes with a majorly improved revolutionary design compared to the Note II.

  4. I hope that display is better in full sunlight than current ones. I suspect screen protectors might be a hot item. Even if the battery life bumps us to 2+ days between charges, I still want a removable back spare batteries. It is so handy to have a spare $5 battery to plop in and be back at 100% at the expense of 2 minutes time. Also like to see OCR from a real OneNote app. The CPU should handle that task without breaking a sweat. Oh, and the iPhone *still* has that crappy keyboard.

  5. boring ~ blah blah blah blah ~ rumors has to stop =.=

    unbreakable screen was two years ago ~!

    it should be at least give us hologram. computer Interface like in IRONMAN.

  6. “If my screen doesn’t break but gets scratched like no other from daily use, keys, and of course that S-Pen stylus then we won’t be happy. Most likely Samsung has a way around both of those issues…”

    Yeah, they’ll ship with a complimentary screen protector. No big change for me considering all of my touchscreen devices have always gotten screen protectors.

  7. Nooo….not plastic! Really I was hoping for a real premium piece all round for the new Note, aluminum, glass, the works!


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